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The Gig Economy is fast becoming not just a flavor of the week term, but a legitimate way we are redefining online and offline work that people do without a singular boss.  Here are the apps that are leading the way and are powering the gig economy.

We can debate if the gig economy is in fact something new or not, but what we cannot deny that the gig economy, the economy that is made up of independent contractors, freelancers, digital nomads or whomever you call it, has accelerated with the advent of mobile phones.

Mobile phones make computing available by simply bringing it in the car with you, bringing it on a trip, or simply using it to initiate communications with potential clients or passengers.  It has made invoicing possible at a much quicker speed with lesser errors, and ability to make payments with a tap of the thumb.

We cannot deny the utter transformation that mobile computing has brought us and how Apple iPhone and Google Android has made this possible for millions of freelancers in this gig economy.


What Types of Apps Make the Gig Economy Are Leading the Charge

1. Offline Gigs

Uber does take the cake on this one.  When you think of the gig economy, we think of Uber is the one company and the one app people have in mind.  (Lyft too maybe.)  Uber really is the company that popularized the idea that you can be monetized your own car and yourself in your off hours by taxiing. is also another application in this type that allows dog owners and willing dog babysitters to connect with each other.

And of course AirBnB where you can rent out a sofa, an extra room, or an entire place to willing guests for short term stays.


2. Marketplaces of Work

Work has become a two-side market.  Sites like, 99 Designs, where you can be a freelancer for hire or find a freelancer to help you with your freelancing work in the gig economy.

I hired someone to help me create my SaaS company a few years ago and also hire someone to help me design my first email marketing drip campaigns as well.

These marketplaces makes it possible to find people that can support you in achieving your dreams and also support you by getting some virtual assistants to do the work you don’t like or to focus on higher priorities.


3. Quick, Easy and Organized

Freelancers and customers have it so much easier with online delivery of invoices, a way to track expenses and the ability to roll all of this data for bookkeeping and tax purposes.  It’s pretty amazing to think that getting organized makes it so much easier to do these things.

The top apps that are used are,, And Co.

These apps and many others have made it easy to work with currencies, and invoicing using your camera right on your mobile iOS and/or Android phone.

Here’s a video on how easy it is use Freshbooks:

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