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What types of service (e.g. tools, events or venues) does The Freelancer Community cover?

Let’s talk venues first. Here are the types of venues that The Freelancer Community automatically covers, or treats as priority:

  • Venues such as Working spaces
  • Venues such as Coffee Shops / Cafes.
  • Events such as free webinars for freelancers
  • Events such as free in-person or live workshops

But I have an awesome event to promote, and The Freelancer Community will be sorry to not write about it!

No matter what you’re promoting, you can always be proactive and submit your venue or event to us, following our specified format below. It’s the quickest way to alert us that you have something amazing to share. We will reply to your submission within 24 hours, and if we agree on how awesome your venue or event is, we will edit your submission, charge a $50 USD one-time only listing fee*, then publish it onto The Freelancer Community. If we don’t approve, we won’t publish and we won’t charge.
*via PayPal — if you need a different payment method, please alert us somewhere within the submission form

How does an event/promotion listing look like?

Your story will cycle through our Homepage, our Resources Page page, and all relevant section pages.  Every week, The Freelancer Community also features the Venues and Events page in our e-newsletter and on Facebook.