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A Revolution.  A Movement.

A Home for those moving away from 9 to 5 and Achieving Freedom.


The Freelancer Community – OUR MISSION

We believe in “Freelancers” with the bravery to move from their 9 to 5 and taking the leap into achieving freedom.

Freelancers is such a loose term, but our community is really people who identify themselves as:

  • Digital Nomads
  • Gig’sters
  • ‘Gig Economy’ people
  • ‘Sharing Economy’ people
  • Independent Contractors
  • Location-Dependent
  • Passive Incomers
  • Self-Starters
  • Online Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • 9-to-5ers with Side Gig(s)

No matter what we call ourselves, you are someone who wants to achieve freedom by doing your work, your way!

Though We May Work Alone, We Are Never Alone

We are those with pure desire and hustle to create something meaningful and valuable to offer our clients and communities.  We love being a conduit for productive activity in the world while getting freedom to do it the way we want.

We’re a community of “Freelancers” who believe that to be “free” is a state of mind and to be the best at what we do. And that living a life outside your comfort zone and your boundaries is the best way to grow your network, your bank account and who you are.

Though we may work alone, showcasing our individuality and fiercely independent, The Freelancer Community brings us together.  It brings us closer together in our shared, unique experience as Freelancers, Solopreneurs and Digital Nomads in the way that we have chosen this lifestyle for ourselves.

What we Offer

In The Freelancer Community, we bring the global community of Freelancers, Solopreneurs and Digital Nomads closer together.   We showcase motivational things that got Solopreneurs out of their ruts, how Freelancers braved their first foray into working for themselves and where digital nomads can live freely and affordably.

Our main focus is to learn from the most successful Freelancers from around the world and showcase how they made the leap from their 9 to 5 jobs into becoming high-priced Freelancers.

We showcase the People, Places and Things that matter to us all.



Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Digital Nomads or whatever you identify with as craving your own unique path in the world while not being solely an employee.  (Tell us what you do and be our Featured Freelancer of the Week Here.)



Tell our readership where we can discover you where we can Work, Live and Play while leading our Freelancer lives.



Every person and business need tools and without an employer to provide them, we can use all the tools we can get to help with our everyday work, help improve our productivity and help scale, organize our businesses.

We will do in-depth interviews to get the core of how they made that leap and how they became successful.  Ultimately we want to uncover the motivations required to make the leap into a Freelancer and sustainable lifestyle.