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Sharing Economy: How You Make Money While Having Fun

Traditional freelancing means you have a high-demand skill that you are using for your clients.  How with the sharing economy, you are using your skill as a business person and spaces to create the life you want.z_eflp9as6s-marion-michele

Who says you cannot have the cake and eat it too?!  Life is too short to not be having fun in one’s work.  After-all whether you are a 9-to-5er, a freelancer or solopreneur, business owner you spend 1/3 or more of your time working, earning money so you can pay your bills.

In recent years with the help of technology, social media and third-party platforms have made it possible to go into business of yourself.  In the case of AirBnB, you can be an owner of a space where you can rent out part or all of it to people are tourists or travellers.

Home-Sharing for Our Furry Friends

Its been estimated that there are between 70-80 million pet dogs in American households.  Dogs also need care and need a place to stay while parents on vacation or short time away from home.  Not everyone can have friends or family that can readily take their dogs so kennels have been the traditional way to go.  However, this new sharing economy is changing all of that.

DogVacay, is an American company that offers a service that allows private dog-loving citizens to open up their home for dog boarding.  Parents of dogs that need a person close to them to take their dog for one or more nights could easily find people’s profile on DogVacay’s portal and find a person with the right price and is available.

DogVacay is really simple to set up to be a private boarding for dogs.  It’s a seven-step process where you put up pictures of your space and some basic information about yourself.  References are required and they do check before you’re cleared and there is also a background checking procedure by a third-party agency.  But it’s a relatively quick process and they help you along the way to help you get set up and receive your first booking!

DogVacay also extends pet insurance to the boarding parents and owners so everyone has peace of mind.

This is just another great example of digital transformation is allowing people who want to go into business for themselves and want to be able to have fun doing what they love.


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