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I have been a big fan of podcasts and talk radio before that.  There is something very intimate about the voice and only voice perhaps because it takes us out of using our dominant way of understanding the world.

As the old adage goes, “Seeing is Believing.”

We, tend to lead with our vision, when we see things it makes it manifest and real.  Do you see what I mean?  Second comes our hearing.  Sound familiar?

Puns aside, my own theory is that listening to an audio only medium forces us to instead just taking everything for granted right in front of us as we see it, it forces us to use our imagination.

We imagine how the talk show hosts look like (I tend to make it a rule to never look up what a host looks like and prefer to create my own image of them by their voice alone.)  Of the times I found a picture of them, I found that they were nothing “like I had imagined” and in some ways make it less appealing for me to listen to the program.  But I digress…

The imagination sparks creativity and lights up our core flame deep down. Imagination is a gift — your gift to the world and I’ve found that podcasts is our way to unlock our imagination because the topics are so diverse so transcendent.

With that, here are the top 10 podcasts on my playlist and ones I will never delete.


1. Scriptnotes

It really a podcast for screenwriters, especially wannabe ones like me, but I  think there is wider appeal.  The hosts talk plainly about movies and television and anyone interested in those will benefit from understanding how the industry works and what goes into becoming a success.

I really enjoy the “Three Page Challenge” where people send in 3 pages of  their spec script to be critiqued by the hosts.  It’s fun, it’s interesting and you’ll see movies with more appreciation for the work that goes into it.


2. Market Foolery by The Motley Fool

I’m a fan on investing, especially in stocks and the philosophy of passive investing.  The Market Foolery is one of their many podcasts and it’s a 4-times a week podcast on the investing issue-du-jour.  Most people probably think is investing is boring or is more like a chore but I find this show to be very focused on talking about big brands as part of their coverage.  And big brands tend to give you some insight into the places you shop at (i.e. Walmart) versus places you subscribe to (i.e. Amazon.com).

Either way, it’s great fun to keep up with the news in a quick 20-minute or so podcast and have people laugh and joke about the latest news about the companies you likely frequent.


3. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

This is the podcast that launched me into working for myself.  Pat Flynn’s approach to creating, growing online businesses is infectious.  His tone is virtuous in that online business is as much a game of creating value as well as getting some in return.  Thanks Pat for so many things and I enjoy listening to old episodes as much as I do the latest ones.  I wish I had more time to listen to more!


4. The Moth

I don’t think I can complete a list of podcast I will never delete without including “The Moth”.  Amateur storytelling at its best (i.e. live), it’s extremely intimate, and more often than not, cringe-worthy.  There is so much to gain from learning to master the art of storytelling and it’s a trial-by-fire if one had to do it live.  But storytelling is the basis for copywriting, marketing, sales, pitches and products that it is vital for any self-starting freelancer to just go and learn.

The Moth hosts live shows in different cities to check them out!  Here is a book published by The Moth on selected stories.


5. Bulletproof Radio

Last but not least is Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey.  Dave was an engineer, software entrepreneur and feel ill with Lyme’s disease which caused him to find solutions for his conditions.  He calls himself a biohacker — which are people who are engaged in thinking of how to use the science of physiology to “hack” the body for an outcome.

He’s been doing this for a while and summed up his research in what is called the Bulletproof Diet along with a cookbook that follows that regime.


What Podcast do you listen to that you consider to be essential listening?  Comment below with a brief description of why and we’ll add it in!

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