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The ways to make money online are vast and numerous.  It’s not something that’s new, but what does require some help is the motivation on the part of the entrepreneur and the freelancer.  Here are some books to spark that idea, fuel that drive and grow your business.

Freelancers, consultants, intrapreneurs and self-employed have the ability to make money online so easily these days especially as an additional source of income. In recent years, this has been termed the “side hustle” (Recommended Read: 5 Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Online and Offline Today).  This article is so much the business models involved in how to make money online but to help you prime yourself to thinking about generating an income, staying motivated when you do and serving your clients and communities the best way possible.

These books are not all best-sellers and award-winning.  Rather they are a list of books written for maximizing the Freelancer condition and written by those who have real world experience and not just talking about it.


Motivation to Make Money Online

The motivation here is talking about the ‘why’.  The why is the most important question to ask yourself as a budding Freelancer or Entrepreneur because it feeds the work you do and is your north star.

Without it you can still do the work (what it is you do), it doesn’t change your business model one bit. But without it, you’ll notice that over time, motivation wanes, energy dampens and business suffers.

So here are some books that can help you in your exercise of documenting your own unique ‘why’.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek. The subtitle here is how great leaders inspire anyone to take action.  This simple concept of uncovering your own why and thereby becoming way more self-aware is what will help you keep motivated.  There’s an added bonus — you can learn the ‘why’ of your customers and team too to help them get what they want. It’s a win-win-win.

Grit by Angela Duckworth. Grit and perseverance has often been described as vital to success even more than intelligence and other traits.  I tend to think that everything is important so cultivate it all but it does highlight how pushing through even at the toughest of times can help ease the pain.  There are many strategies to do this and Ms Duckworth goes into a few.  Here’s a TED talk by her saying why Grit was found to be the #1 trait to have for success:


Make Money Online with a Better Fit

Fit between a customer and yourself is super important. There is no greater way to ensure you’re happy and they’re happy and that you’re able to add value to them.  It one thing to understand it on paper, but we sometimes do need to take a step back and see how we present our work, how we can get clients and why it’s important to do a self-assessment.

So, here are some books to help you find a better fitting client and have them find you.

Value Proposition Design by Alexander Osterwalder.  The book has an offline and online portion that engages a freelancer or any business owner to go back to the drawing board and see how to better design a message that is compelling to new clients. If making money online is the end goal, then creating a valuable proposition is the first 5 steps to get there.  Finding clients that fit what you want, that know what you can provide is going to ensure you can delivery what you’ve promised.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.  Tim Ferriss’s book is really a proverbial toolbox that he’s collected over bumping and rubbing elbows with the successful and famous people.  One thing that I admire about Tim and what he’s famous for is that he’s an experimenter and the first guinea pig is himself. He tests these things and not just preaches them and it’s good to know that he’s at least talking from a first-person experience rather than other things.

We’d love to continue to adding to this list, but honestly reading these will help you propel you along the way to being a better freelancer and prepare you for creating a better list.  Any suggestions to add – would love to hear from you.

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