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It seems coffee has always been a part of the freelancing world. To freelancer writers, to self-employed developers of today, coffee shops have been the environments in which so much work has been done. So, we explore in this article — is coffee good for you to help you pull an all-nighter.

Coffee and Me

American culture revolves around coffee. European culture gave us the concept of coffee houses. I would be wrong but when I want to Vienna a few years ago, that’s were some of the first coffee houses started.

I also know some stuff about coffee from my training as a Barista at Starbucks.  They made us do coffee tastings and took time away from work to learn about coffee. I put myself through college that way — by drinking coffee, so coffee is a bit part of my life too.

I drink coffee religious everyday even though I took some blood test a few years ago that told me caffeine is not good for me.  I feel it too sometimes especially when I have a cup of coffee without eating first — I feel a little hyper, a little on edge a bit and I feel this dull ache at the pit of my stomach.  But I feel like I still need one.




I started late as a coffee-drinker.  I didn’t have my first sip until university and I didn’t have it regularly until I worked at Starbucks actually.  It was eye opening though what the difference between espresso and brew coffee was.

Then through Starbucks did I realized just how big coffee was.  Coffee growing regions are in almost every continent and it’s a big part of their livelihood for many local farmers.  I also learned the difference between “good” coffee and “bad coffee”.

Undoubtedly, coffee and the art of brewing coffee has become a global past-time, from espresso machines or slow-brew coffee to the Aeropress (which is my own preferred and quickest way to make coffee.)

So, Is Coffee Good For You?

The number one reason for drinking coffee and why Freelancers can use a cup of joe is because coffee is loaded with anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are things that combine with stuff that oxidizes (which are the bad stuff that can damage cells in the body).  So drinking more of the good stuff makes.

Coffee also happens to be one of the most studied substances in the world!  With over 19000 studies and more every year, the balance is that coffee is much more beneficial than it is harmful.



Cafes + The Coffee

Besides the drink, it’s the ritual of coffee making, pouring and the environment in which coffee is drunk helps to set the mood for working.  Ever wonder why you prefer to work in a busy, (often) load cafe than working in the quietness of your own home?!

The environment that we stay in also happens to be the best way to get us into our own mood to create.  Being around creative people helps the juiced flow and the things around our environment affect how we work (Related Article: How to Work at Home.)

There are simple ways to make your office environment much more fun including some indoor plants that can help filter your air.  It’s been found that having a living plant a home and one you take care of and look at can help improve your mood and productivity.

Where do you like to do your work?  Do you drink coffee?

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