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doctype-hi-resAlmost nobody talks about how freelancers struggle with and what we can do to support them to get more business and live more freely.  As a Freelancer myself, I find myself struggling with a few key things in maximizing my day as a Freelancer.

“As a Freelancer, I Struggle with Overpromising and Underdelivering.”

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, having joined an accelerator of fellow aspiring entrepreneurs and worked with other freelancers on a team, the one thing I most identify with and hear about as a struggle is staying focused and being consistent.

Like most Freelancers out there, you are constrained by time.  You might have a day job and you work on your side job, freelancing gigs in the evenings and weekends.  We over-promise what we can do, and we under-deliver.

Legitimately we all run into genuine snags things like bugs in software development or waiting on others to get back to us that delays our deliverables from shipping, but if there was one surefire way to lose the trust of your client it’s not being able to meet your self-imposed deadlines.

Communication is key and managing the clients’ expectations on when they are receive the work you are doing for them.

So the solution is managing your time better and taking a step back to build in some margin.  As Freelancers we are very eager to do work in order to get things done, but being honest about when you have time to work on it and how long it’s going to take will make all the difference in overcoming this struggle of over-promising and under-delivering.

Luckily, there are some tools to help support your work during the say and to nudge you back into the work.

One is that freelancers should be using Trello or something equivalent to it.  It’s often used by developers and designers and product managers to support their efforts in building User Stories for software development, but the structure is so robust that it can used in many ways.

The key why Trello is so great is because you can break things down into more manageable pieces and then from there identify what needs to be done.  You can also choose to add your client(s) onto Trello as well so that they are seeing the things you are completing as your getting them completed.  It’s a very visual way in managing projects and also keeping clients in-the-know.

What are other things as a Freelancer you struggle with?  What are tools you’ve used to overcome those struggles?  It’ll be great to give us your thoughts and how we can support each other in being better Freelancers to our clients and give back to the Freelancing Community.

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