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Welcome to The Freelancer Community!

The Freelancer Community Magazine is a magazine for Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Self-Employed and Independent Contractors or whatever else you call yourselves.

We are the silence majority, working our site hustle, working on our laptops for the things on there, hanging out at coworking spaces and sipping free coffee in our slow roaster.

We are free-lancers.  We rule the world by controlling our own world first.  We believe in improving our own condition and contributing back to our lives, our families, communities we serve and countries we travel through.

We call the world our home, being digital nomads.  The world is truly our oyster and we live for novel experiences that enrich our lives.  We, in-turn, tell our friends, share our world with them in our sharing economy.

The gigs we involve ourselves with things we love and are passionate about.  We love giving — give ourselves, give to others, and give back to spaces we get to know.

And people we meet — they are the most incredible people that have left a mark on our lives. They are people we can stay in touch with, rely on and welcome into our hometowns no matter we are.

We create the world we live in and we ensure we leave it a better place than we left it.

We are Freelancers all.


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