Freelancer and Solopreneurs: What is the State of Your Mental Health?

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Freelancer and Solopreneurs: What is the State of Your Mental Health?

One of the reasons why we started this site is to motivate Freelancers and also to talk about the unique challenges of mental health for Freelancers and Solopreneurs.

I think I shared this with many of you Freelancers out there who say that Freelnacing can be a double-edged sword.

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Whether you are thinking of quitting your job, growing your Freelancing business, maintaining it or thinking of diversifying your services, what drew you to Freelancing might also be the reason why it presents many mental health challenges.

Here are the reasons why you are becoming or became a Freelancer:

  1. Flexibility
  2. For Fun
  3. Lack of Other jobs
  4. To Gain Job Experience

Mental Health Issues Unique to Freelancers

With the flexibility and fun that comes with Freelancing, some of you out there are doing this because you don’t have a choice.  And it’s those people out there who are Freelancing but don’t enjoy it that usually has or has developed mental health issues.

Let’s face it, our economy just isn’t want it use to be.  The cushy jobs with golden parachutes and silver-spooned pensions have all disappeared.  It’s estimated that about 15% of Americans have any kind of Defined-Benefit Pension Plan anymore and most of those that still do work in the public sector.

It’s definitely way past its prime.

But don’t like that stop you.  You have a Freelancer mindset, but at the end of the day stability matters to you.  Stability of a pay check, the ability to save enough for retirement some decades later.  You just want to know you’re covered.

And while like reason #2, having fun is great, it just isn’t fun on the balance of things if you’re worrying everyday about when your next client or project will come and if you can make ends meet.

According to studies done in the UK and in the US, most Freelancers are low-income earners.  The statistic is around 50%.


Poverty and Mental Health

photo-1433100325891-378af68b3b8eAnd there is a growing pile of evidence that poverty or very-near poverty has a direct and measurable impact on wellness and especially mental health.

So one can see just how much more of an impact it is when you’re a low-paid Freelancer or Solopreneur trying to making it big in your niche and with clients.

It may seen like a dense fog when anxiety and depression comes about and worry sets in.

But there are simple ways that professionals have suggest that can help lift your spirits.

One thing that you have on your side as a Freelancer is the ability to set your own schedule.

There are simple ways that may help improve your mental health even in the face of this instability and worry.


Support from Professionals

There are organizations out there that may help you.  Here’s one in the UK include: Mind.

There was a recent one I discovered that based in Toronto, Canada that has a unique proposition and one that is also expensive.  It was founded by a former entrepreneur who sold his company and then feel into a deep depression.  He founded this to support other entrepreneurs, stressed-out professionals heal using alternative therapies.  It’s called Helix Healthcare.

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