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As a Freelancer myself, I want to focus on doing work and balance that with growing my business.  Here are a few short free webinar ideas for your to watch on your downtime to grow your business.

With the internet and now with mobile, access to information is but with a moment’s tap. You can gain access what use to be in a library. So more than ever before, what information is relevant and effective is more valuable to sift through all the noise.  Here are three really good free video channels and free webinars that are relevant for Freelancers to grow your book.


1. DailyVee

The first free webinar for freelancers — I would put this in the Motivational / Mindset Category.  Gary Vaynerchuk is the celebrated author and media mogul of Vayner Media.  I’ve had the opportunity to see Gary Vee (colloquially known) at a conference a few years ago and his energy is intoxicating and contagious.  As you watch these videos you’ll probably feel that energy leap off the screen too!

He’s a straight-talker, no-nonsense type of personality and he cuts through it all the noise.  I find him inspiring especially when you have some low points and his (relatively) new series.

Check out one of my favorite one in the series below:


2. Shopify Webinars

I’ve been a fan of Shopify for many years and though I don’t use them to host the website myself, I do know many people that do and have had great results.

As part of their strategy, they support Designers and Developers to help them create Shopify Plug-ins, extensions or just general improvements to the tech community.  The Canadian headquartered company and their CEO Tobi Lukte, has made it a personal mission to expand coding skills across the country as part of their initiative to increase general technology skill.

So here it is a series of free webinars Shopify Webinars— like the DailyVee, it’s an on-going series mainly in a one-on-one interview style.  They happen periodically.  They do have some of them posted on their YouTube Channel here.

Again, picking one of my favorites is this here on Learning the Secrets to Building a Web Design Consulting Business.  Enjoy!


3. Neil Patel’s Webinar

I’ve been following Neil Patel for a while.  He’s one of the most successful online marketers out there and he’s been teaching a wide audience through his long-form guides to SEO and just about everything related on the subject.  There is always long, well researched articles on his site about these subjects and it’s refreshing to read and also implement.

I attended one of his free webinars recently found it, as expect, chalk full of good advice!  With SEO and online marketing, it applies to both solopreneurs and freelancers alike as you expand your audience through specific and targeted content marketing.  Neil’s current focus is on customer acquisition and how to help you as a freelancer and consultant fill the most important job of all — fill that top of that funnel!

As you would expect, currently their website is geared all toward funnelling inbound folks to their webinar so just head over to and there will be modal/pop-ups that will ask you sign up.  It’s about an hour long and they do send out the slides afterwards or so they said.  Bring a good notebook and a pen anyway because there is a lot of information!

What other online sources to you regularly  use or found useful.  Leave a quick link below and we’ll write about it.

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