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Travelling the world with only what you have on your back is fun and thrilling.  Here are some tips I experienced as a Digital Nomad that I wished I knew sooner because I couldn’t gotten me out of costly situations.

Travelling and working on my blog has been an opportunity of a lifetime.  For the last five years, I’ve been living the dream as a ‘digital nomad’ — starting my first lifestyle blog, earning enough money to travel and also starting other online business, all the while meeting amazing people along the way.

It’s been a fun ride, but like in the road of life, the road of travel sometimes leads to dead-ends and unexpected turns. Here are some tips that I learned (and sometimes the hard way) to help you in your travels be more fun and fulfilling.


Digital nomads should be savvy with all things digital right?

That’s not always true and it certainly is/was not in my case.  When I first started my blog and even to this day, I have basic knowledge of “technology”.  So just because I’ve been able to have a business that is online, doesn’t mean I know about all things digital as a digital nomad.

One recent tip I learned the hard way, so not always having an internet connection.  Over 60% of the places I travel to are considered developing countries and sometimes the Wi-Fi at the hostel or cafe just sucks.  Heck, it even sucks at Starbucks at home too.  So getting around town is tough without a map.

There is an option the Google added recently to google maps.  It allows us to download areas of the maps for offline use in case we don’t have an active connection. Isn’t that just neat?  So you can have it everywhere you go within that city.  The areas of self defined by Google or by you zooming in and out and they say that:

“The biggest size for an offline area is 120,000 square kilometers.”

Tip #1: Use Google Maps and download for offline use for the particular area(s) you’re travelling to.


Working it Out

Coworking spaces are popping up everywhere nowadays and recently I was in Toronto to try out Haven.  Most places let you do a free trial before you sign up and some passes like WeWork give you access to multiple cities and multiple space convenient for your travels.

Coworking spaces generally offer free coffee, likely better Wi-Fi connections and a chance to mingle with others.


A Wi-Fi Box

Some countries have this.  My recent trip to Japan was made much easier by us having our own Wi-Fi wherever we went.  The Pocket Wifi will help you with having extremely fast an reliable access to the internet wherever you go.  You might need to check how these are done by country or if you can use them between countries too.

For example, if you are travelling to Japan, here’s what you can do:


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