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Featured Freelancer: Evan Ames


Which Role Do You Self-Identify With Best?



When did you start this Freelancing Journey?

March 2014


Was there a trigger or inciting incident that made you make the leap into becoming a Freelancer?

I currently hold an agency position but wanted a creative outlet and an additional revenue stream.


Describe a “week-in-the-life” of yourself as a Freelancer.

I still hold a 40hr work week agency position as a UX consultant. However, in my off hours I work within networks like Gigster, Design Inc. and TopTal.  These help to keep me fresh and bring in additional income.


In one sentence, what do you identify as the main pain-point you are having as a Freelancer?

Lead generation.


If you have an online Portfolio, or links to products or services that features your work (i.e. designs, articles, etc.), list them here!



What are three suggestions or pieces of advice for those who are considering ditching the traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle and stepping into the “freelancing” world?

  1. Do it gracefully – treat the freelance world as any other full-time transition. Don’t quit unless you are certain you can support yourself, especially in the ‘dry times’.
  2. Be practical – live as though you are in the worst of times. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready.
  3. Own the space – you typically don’t have others relying on you as with a traditional 9-5. Be the expert you are and if you find the client is not meshing, you have the right to move on. (Be careful to precede a client’s termination with a written safety net so you don’t get screwed.)

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