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Featured Freelancer: Barbara Riedel


Which Role Do You Self-Identify With Best?

Digital Nomad


When did you start your Freelancing Journey?

May 2008


Was there a trigger or inciting incident that made you make the leap into becoming a Freelancer?

I realized that I can work in the field of my studies (language services).


Describe a “week-in-the-life” of yourself as a Freelancer.

Every day is different in my life. I do many things: blogging, translating, copywriting, proofreading, creating my own products as a Solopreneur. So normally in the mornings I try to do my daily tasks: social media activity for my blog, answering emails and comments on my blog or in my social networks.

I try to do some work for my blog in the afternoons such as taking photos of nice places, doing tours, writing,… in the evenings I try to meet other digital nomads and online entrepreneurs to do some networking. After that I work again, mainly stuff for my blog.


In one sentence, what do you identify as the main pain-point you are having as a Freelancer?

Doing everything on my own! Can’t afford to outsource yet.


If you have an online Portfolio, or links to products or services that features your work (i.e. designs, articles, etc.), list them here!

Barbara’s Blog

Contact Barbara for Freelancer Services

Barbara’s Clothing Line for Digital Nomads

Barbara’s Books


What are three suggestions or pieces of advice for those who are considering ditching the traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle and stepping into the “freelancing” world?

Plan well, take your time and then dare to do leave the rat race!

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