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4 Best Podcast Episodes for Freelancers – Online For Free

They say podcasts and webinars are where radio and TV were back in the day.  While the medium has changed ever so slightly, the content from podcasts now are online for free, at your finger tips.  There is so much stuff out there, it can be overwhelming.  So to help out — I’ve curated a list of recent podcasts episodes that I found most useful, inspiring and valuable to fill my days as a Freelancer.


I’m a big fan of podcasts.

I’ve always been a fan of the audio-only medium every since I was small.  Radio was big in our house and still is.  Radio was how we’d discover new songs.  But what got me most excited was when I discover last night radio.  I would stay up all night listening to shows about ghosts, aliens, relationships, interview with the rich and famous.

And of course, my favorite were reruns of old radio dramas from the early to mid-20th century.  What I was usually enthralled with were anything to do with mystery and detective stories.

Podcasts have grown the same way on me.  Whether it’s The Moth or Starting From Nothing or The Motley Fool, I’ve continued in the tradition of listening to interviews and consuming them.  Though, now I can listen to them whenever I want and don’t need to stay up so late.

You should see my current podcast playlist — it’s massive.  I subscribe to over 40 something podcasts. I would’ve had more if it not for me switching phones and lost all the original podcasts I’ve saved.

I also decided to get a larger capacity iPhone so I could keep more of my favorite episodes.  It’s an obsession, but there are worst ones to have.


Overwhelmed by Podcasts?!

I use Overcast as my primary podcast player and here is a screenshot of my phone. You can see the top 5 podcasts I subscribe to:

love that podcasts are online for free
this what my iPhone podcast app currently looks like. Just so much to listen to and so little time!

They are business-related or startup related podcasts and I have about 78.2 gigabites of podcasts in total!  So I listen a lot.  And honestly there are more and more everyday and honestly I’m overwhelmed.  I try to listen to it all but honestly I just don’t have the time.(Who has time with a full-time job, a side-gig, a dog and a family to raise?)  It also doesn’t help that there are so many podcasts online for free!

So here is my curated list of the best 7 podcasts I found useful to me as a freelancer, an entrepreneur, startup founder.

This is by no means an exhaustive list — just a podcasts in the last 2 years that really struck a cord with me and I remember to this day.  They aren’t in any particular order so feel free to listen whenever you get a chance. Enjoy!


1. How a Freelancer Launched a Successful Business with an Amazing Landing Page

This was one of my favorite episodes on from the podcast Shopify Masters is about this one-man business at Civil Estimator.  He “outsourced” his website, client invoicing processing all through the same portal and was able to effectively ensure clients pay on time, clients pay up-front (woohoo!) and productize his freelancing business.

Click Here to Download and listen on iTunes here.

The 3 key things you’re learn from this online for free podcast, Shopify:

  • How to build a process to collect client payments in minutes
  • How to collect client payments with ease
  • How he “productized” his freelancing business to help him scale his knowledge


2.  How Freelancing for an Agency Network actually can be Better

I found out of Gigster through this podcast (This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis).  If you haven’t heard of Gigster as a freelancer, you’re in for a treat.  Gigster effectively is the place to go as an on-demand knowledge worker.  They focus on software so freelance designers and freelance developers and freelancer product managers join the network (after some interview process) and band together to work on fix-costs projects for clients.  They have greenfield startups to Fortune 100 companies go to them.  This episode is geared toward the value proposition for the clients come to Gigster, but you’ll see Roger Dickey’s enthusiasm for building an amazing pool of talent and you’ll likely be swayed by the end of it to join Gigster too.  So Freelancers, take a listen and enjoy this episode.

The 3 key things you’re learn from this online for free podcast, This Week in Startups:

  • What is Gigster and why as a designer, developer or product manager — you should take notice
  • How joining an agency network like Gigster.com can be very lucrative and help you focus on what you want to do
  • How Freelancers have an alternative to striking out on your own


3.  How The Science of Influence Can Gain You More Clients

The seminal work on this subject of influence is Robert Cialdini’s book on Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.  These are fundamental aspects of human nature that help you better convey your message and package your offering to your clients.  I first heard about Cialdini’s work in a continuing education course I took after college.  It was a night class and I had a free credit to spare so I signed up for the course.  The teach/coach was incredible and it really seared why psychology and more importantly being about to persuade people to your point of view is invaluable.  Bob really is the expert in this field and you and your clients will thank you for you it from listening in to this interview on The Unmistakable Creative.

The 3 key things you’re learn from this online for free Podcast, The Unmistakable Creative:

  • What is the science of influence all about?
  • How the science of influence and using subtle learnings can greatly improve your client and business outcomes
  • How Freelancers can use the science of influence to improve their personal brand


4.  Freelancers: Take Care of Your Body and Editing Your World

Dave Asprey is one of my heroes.  He’s the host of the Bulletproof Radio podcast and the author of The Bulletproof Diet.  There are so many awesome episodes to choose from where Mr. Asprey tells use high-functioning knowledge workers how to optimize ourselves by living clean and eating clean.  But this episode is one of the best ones for Freelancers and how minimalism can really help you improve your work, your outcome and your business (digital nomads here probably know about this already).  Minimalism is being aware of how the things you own as things thing possess versus things that possess you, which can drag you down.  Enjoy the episode.

The 3 key things you’re learn from this online for free Podcast, Bulletproof Radio:

  • How decluttering can improve your work, your working space as freelancers
  • Not have things possess you, but having things that adds value to your life
  • How clutter can affect your mood and motivation


This is by no means the only episodes, just the ones I found to be useful to me.  We can gleam so much information now on podcast and YouTube so I figure I’ll list some of the ones I found most useful and valuable and pass it along.

What Podcasts do you listen to?  I’d love to know.  If you would link it which episodes made you feel alive?  Love to hear from you all. 🙂

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