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Side hustle means freedom to choose to work on something for money that you enjoy, find creative and save more for the future.  Be part of the gig economy today by finding a simple, easy way to start a side hustle.

Not too long ago, the average middle-class worker will stay at maybe one or two companies and retire with a pension.  Nowadays, most jobs no longer come with defined-benefit pensions and instead offer inferior retirement plans.  With the internet, there are now platforms to help people earn money and save more on the side (or colloquially known as ‘side hustle’), enjoying multiple and diverse sources of income in additional to their day jobs.

In recent years, we’ve termed this freelancer work as “side hustle”.  But the idea is that you’re working on your personal projects for the money, but in a recent study it seems most of us are really doing it for fun.  We’re fulfilled by the work we do and that’s awesome to have a side hustle too to showcase our many dimensions.

How much would an extra $300 a month be to you and your family?  Let’s exam what it takes to do just that with the skills and assets you already have.


1. Start a Side Hustle with Gigster (Online)

Side Hustle skill(s) they are looking for: Designers, Developers and Technical Product Managers

Key reason: Don’t need to bid on your own projects so you can keep doing the work you love to do.

How to Start: Apply here.  There is an interview process to get into the network. It might take a while to get an interview though.


2. Be an Uber Driver (Offline)

Side Hustle skill(s) they are looking for: Anyone with a decent car and a drivers license.

Key reason: Work whenever you want.  Start the Uber app and then go.

How to Start: Apply here to become a Driver for Free Today  There is an approvals process and background checks that are standard for these things.  It shouldn’t take too long to get approved.


3. Be an AirBnB Host (Offline)

Side Hustle skill(s) they are looking for: Anyone with a space that can be rented out.

Key reason: Use your living room, couch, extra room, or whole home to rent short-term to tourists and digital nomads.

How to Start: Create a Free Account for a Host today!


4. Create Your Own Blog/Website (Online)

Side Hustle skill(s) they are looking for: You’ll learn this along the way, but honestly all you need to start is to know how to read and write to start creating a blog.

Key reason: You have maximum flexibility over what you want to do and be as creative as possible.  Every blogpost is a new way to grow and connect with your customers.

How to Start: Create your website of the dreams with an inexpensive yearly fee today!


5. Be a Dog Sitter & Walker with DogVacay (Offline)

Side Hustle skill(s) they are looking for: Some experience with dogs required and a space to host them.

Key reason: Getting paid to be around dogs?!  How cool is that?

How to Start: Create a profile for being a dog sitter in 7 easy steps.



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